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Need Website Help? Looking for a New Site or advice on how to bring your zombie website back to life?


I have been developing Wordpress Websites for over 10 years. If you need a new Wordpress Website or are looking for a new Theme, WP Plugin Assistance, or any other Wordpress related help, then look no further.

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Comprehensive suite of Web Development services. I have over 10 years experience developing websites using a variety of coding techniques. I specialize in CSS and HTML.

Responsive Websites

Are you looking for a mobile ready website? I can make a responsive website that adjusts to fit the device your website is viewed upon. Ask me about Mobile Web Apps as well!


Danko Creative. Freelance Wordpress Website Development


I started making websites when i was 10 years old with my buddies from school. Since then I've become enthralled with web development. I love putting together digital media solutions including wordpress sites, and tools to help automate businesses.

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  •   302-229-6768
  •   Wilmington, Delaware
  •   kevindank@gmail.com.

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Tails Comic – WordPress Comicpress/Comic Easel

Tails Comic was a website that i developed for critically acclaimed Comic Book artist Ethan Young.   Ethan graciously dedicated some terrific artwork for my site in return.  This Website was developed on WordPress and built with Comic Easel as a utility. Some of the great features of this site include the custom css...

Kant or Wont Comic WordPress Theme

Kant or Wont Comic was a fun project to work on.  We utilized the very familiar platform WordPress and loaded it with Comic Easel and Comicpress plugins to serve a back and forward navigation based web comic. This site utilizes a lighter color scheme and fun characters to tell its story.

Waasta Daily Deals Groupon Clone

Waasta was a daily deals site for Qataar in the United Arab Emirates.   The website used the Groupon clone WordPress plugin “Group Buying Site” to serve discounted deals and services to the people of the region. We created a colorful theme on top of the WordPress based Groupon clone that allowed members to...

iTakeover Group WordPress Website

The iTakeover Group website was built upon wordpress utilizing a custom theme from the ground up.   We incorporated some nifty page headers on each page post type. A Business style wordpress website that utilizes shortcodes ultimate for page load animations.

Sneaker Bible

The sneaker bible website was built on top of WordPress and the goal was for it to be the largest single source of information about Sneakers.   The site launched quickly and gained a strong following. We utilized a three column design, showcasing navigation on the left, content in the middle and some more...

The Plant Encyclopedia Mediawiki Website Development

Mediawiki is a platform that is great for storing information.   I was able to work with the great team over at Adenearth Works for The Plant Encyclopedia.  We used Mediawiki to develop the worlds largest database of plants. Some of the work performed on this site included a custom Mediawiki theme with a...

Dorothy’s Deals

This is a WordPress based Daily Deals website.  The inspiration for this website came from the daily deal website boom in 2012.  Websites such as Groupon inspired the site owner to launch a daily deals site locally in Kansas.   The Group Buying Site plugin allowed us to set this up. The work put...

Oggie’s United Charities

This website was created on wordpress for oUCH a non profit organization developed to help  increase funding for Oggie’s United Charities.  Built simple and cheap in less then 6 hours for a local New Jersey client. This platform utilized the WordPress 2012 theme which i customized for the client to feature his golf themed...


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